Board Meeting Minutes – 17 May 2019

Present:  David Yamada (Chair), David Wexler, Shelley Kierstead, Heather Cucuolo, Michael Perlin, Nigel Stobbs, Astrid Birgden, Pauline Spencer.    And Rachael (website guru)

Apologies:  Anna Kawalek, Ginger Lerner-Wren, Amy Campbell, Kathy Cerminara, Martine Evans


2018 income

9,255.00 donations (1480) and membership fees $7775);

After Paypal fees (422.57)

Total received 8,832.43.

Treasurer Heather reported that she transferred 6,000 to our bank account (thus bank account balance ending in 6074.50: the extra 74.50 was donated directly to the bank account by me at the time of initial setup).  

Accounting software

Motion to purchase Quick books  (Approved)

Action: Heather to purchase


Need to file 2017 taxes even though we were brand new.

Action: Heather working on this with accountant


Heather reported that we need to do a distribution of 5 % of our assets for 2018 as we are a “private foundation”

Action: Consider for next meeting what this distribution could be.

Private vs Public Charity

Agreed that we to may need to shift to be a public charity but we need to make sure we can be compliant.

Action: Heather will look into this and get back to trustees.

Donations of Board Members

Action:  Board members need consider to contribute $500 USD per year if amount they can afford

Major donor possibilities?

Michael Perlin discussed possible people who may be able to give a more substantial donation.  Agreed this would be good but probably need a project or some sort of nsming opportunity

Action: Agenda for discussion at future Board meeting


Paypal vs other method
Rachael gave info about payment systems.  Another option “stripe” gives discount for non profits.

Action:  Rachael to give stripe and PayPal

Motion:  Pay $69 for banner theme for the website (Approved)


Current host is winding up this part of their website.  Agreed that ISTJ wants to keep this searchable TJ bibliography going. 

Motion: Approved up to $1500 for the migration of the TJ Bibliography to ISTJ (Approved)


Wexler/ Winick Award

Trustee very pleased to announce that David Yamada our esteemed Chair will be the winner of this year’s IAMLH Wexler Winick Award.

Correction: David Yamada is receiving the IAMLH Winick Award at this year’s Conference in Rome, not the Wexler Winick Award.

To be presented at the Sunday Conference Opening

Jones/ Hora TJ Judging award
Discussed worthy recipients Jelena Popovic (Victoria, Australia) and Amir Mohammad Amir Munir (Pakistan)

To be presented at our Monday meeting

Action:  Need to notify them and possibly skype link with them for presentation if they are not at the meeting?


Strong TJ turn out this year

Monday meeting 11-1pm followed by lunch

Michael: to reach out to people presenting in the non TJ stream who may wish to get involved in TJ community

Action: Pauline to investigate an option for a TJ event one evening


Discussed the way we communicate with members.   Agreed regular Newsletter is needed. 

Action: David Wexler, Michael Perlin and Shelley agreed to work on this


Motion: to invite Debarati

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