Therapeutic Law Week – Israel, Dec 2019

The Non-Adversarial and Therapeutic Justice Center (NATJC) is continuously heading various activities related to TJ. In December 2019 the NATJC held the conference “Dispute-Settlers – Challenges and Dilemmas” dealt with the changes in the role of lawyers, mediators and judges in dispute resolution procedures. The conference included a panel discussion on ethical aspects and dilemmas of Judges as Dispute-Settlers, including a Judge from the Israeli Community Court who participated in the said panel. In addition, the NATJC hosted additional judges from the Israeli Community Court for a discussion which included examples of the integration of TJ practice in Israel’s Community Court. Moreover, the NATJC held a few lectures which focused on various TJ topics and set the goal of exposing students and different practitioners to the principles of TJ and encouraging the study of TJ and the implementation of it. The above activities took place in continuation to the “Therapeutic Law Week” which was held by the NATJC last year and included numerous events and the host of TJ Movement Founder, Professor David Wexler, and Professor Susan L. Brooks of Drexel University.

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