Best Edited Collection of the Year

The American Psychology-Law Society (AP-LS) has chosen The Roots of Modern Psychology and Law: A Narrative History edited by Tom Grisso and Stan Brodsky as Best Edited Collection of the Year. The book was conceived to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the AP-LS, and the editors invited a dozen of us who were working in the ’70s, when ‘modern’ psychology and law was conceived, to write in narrative form about their work in then as it relates to their work now. Although TJ did not yet explicitly ‘exist’ in the 70s, David was doing mental health law and his chapter is entitled Mental Health Law and the Seeds of Therapeutic Jurisprudence. Sure enough, his re-reading of his first book, Mental Health Law: Major Issues (1981) revealed all of the elements of what later became the TJ conceptual framework. Wexler says the project was one of the most enjoyable of his academic career.

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