Special TJ Issue of American Behavioral Scientist

Kelly Frailing (Loyola New Orleans, School of Criminology and Justice) and ISTJ Board Member Michael Perlin will be co-editing a special symposium issue of the American Behavioral Scientist, on Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Non-Judicial Decision Making. The special issue will include articles from several TJ members, including Debbie Dorfman, Voula Marinos and Lisa Whittingham.
The special issue will include Michael’s article, “Man, I Ain’t a Judge”: The Therapeutic Jurisprudence Implications of the Use of Non-Judicial Officers in Criminal Justice Cases, Kelly’s (with Brandi Alfonso and Rae Taylor), Therapeutic Jurisprudence in Swift and Certain Probation, as well as articles by other TJ stalwarts: Thwarting the Principles of Therapeutic Jurisprudence: Implications of Non-Judicial Decision-Making in Imposing Restrictive Interventions on People with Mental Health Disabilities in Jails, Prisons, and Institutions (Debbie Dorfman); A Critique of Texas Lethal Injection Cases: An Examination of “Decision Making” and the Risk of Botches in Texas Lethal Injection Protocols Since 1982 (Talia R. Harmon, Michael Cassidy, and Richelle Kloch); The Complexities of Criminal Responsibility and Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: How Can Therapeutic Jurisprudence Help? (Voula Marinos and Lisa Whittingham); The Role of Therapeutic Jurisprudence in Non-Judicial/Administrative Placement of Migrant Children with Mental Illness (Alison J. Lynch); Solomon’s Choices: Are Family Court Judges Abdicating to Child Custody Evaluators and GALs Creating More Family Violence? (Lenore Walker), and Procedural Fairness Can Improve Any Kind of Court (Judge Kevin S. Burke).

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