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Primary decision- making authority for the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence is vested in the Board of Trustees. The following individuals comprise the current board. All affiliations are listed for identification purposes only.

  • Astrid Birgden, Consultant Forensic Psychologist and Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor, Deakin University, Australia
  • Amy Campbell, (ISTJ Board Chair) Associate Dean for Health Sciences, Professor of Law, University of Illinois Chicago
  • Anna Kawalek, Senior Lecturer in Law, Leeds Law School, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, UK
  • Shelley Kierstead (Past ISTJ board chair), Assistant Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Toronto, Canada
  • Pauline Spencer, Magistrate Judge, Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, State of Victoria, Australia
  • David Wexler, Professor of Law, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Distinguished Research Professor of Law Emeritus, University of Arizona, USA
  • Kathy Cerminara, Distinguished Health law Expert in Residence, Thomas R Kline School of Law of Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Heather Ellis Cucolo, Director, Online Mental Disability Law Program, New York Law School, New York, NY, USA; Principal, Mental Disability Law and Policy Associates
  • Sofia Lizzio, co-founder of Therapeutic Jurisprudence Center at University of Puerto Rico; Attorney at Law , Foutis & Partners Law Firm, Athens, Greece
  • Ginger Lerner-Wren, County Court Judge, Broward County, FL, USA
  • Michael Perlin, Professor of Law, Emeritus, New York Law School, New York, NY, USA; Principal, Mental Disability Law and Policy Associates
  • Stella Maris Isabel Margetic, Center for Mediation and Alternative Methods of Approach and Conflict Resolution of the Judiciary of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • David Yamada (ISTJ past board chair), Professor of Law and Director, New Workplace Institute, Suffolk University Law School, Boston, MA, USA


As we were planning to launch this website and solicit members, we lost a dear friend and colleague, Michael Jones, a law professor at Arizona Summit Law School and a retired trial court judge in Arizona. Michael was one of our founding board members, and we will miss him dearly.


The ISTJ Board has voted to designate these distinguished individuals as Honorary Presidents of the organization.

  • The late Peggy Hora, California state court judge and international authority on creating solution-based courts
  • Michael Perlin, professor emeritus at the New York Law School and leading mental health & disability law expert
  • David Wexler, law professor at the University of Puerto Rico & the University of Arizona and co-founder of the TJ movement
  • The late Bruce Winick, law professor at the University of Miami and co-founder of the TJ movement.


To help shape the future of TJ, the ISTJ Board is assembling a Global Advisory Council comprised of an accomplished, interdisciplinary group of scholars, practitioners, and judges. We apologize for the bare listing at this point; we look forward to sharing more information about this remarkable group soon. This list is current as of March 16, 2019 and will be updated.

  • Cynthia Adcock
  • Michal Albertstein
  • Barbara Babb
  • Lorana Bartels
  • Becky Batagol
  • Marc Binnie
  • Warren Brookbanks
  • Susan Brooks
  • Monica Broome
  • Elisa Buggy
  • Dave Cole
  • Caroline Cooper
  • Ursula Castellano
  • Susan Daicoff
  • Jorn Dangreau
  • Ian Dearden
  • Annmarie Dewhurst
  • Dale Dewhurst
  • Ida Dickie
  • Christian Diesen
  • Michelle Edgely
  • Francisca Farina
  • Daniel Fensterseifer
  • Taraneh Ferdman
  • Rachael Field
  • Joe Flies-Away
  • Mark Fondacaro
  • Elmarie Fourie
  • Ian Freckleton
  • Arie Freiberg
  • Tali Gal
  • Hiroko Goto
  • Debarati Halder
  • Jamey Hueston
  • Makoto Ibukuk
  • Shinichi Ishizuka
  • Emma Jones
  • Michael King
  • Moa Kindström Dahlin
  • Vicki Lens
  • Alex de Savornin Lohman
  • Eric van de Luijtgaarden
  • Voula Marinos
  • Kieran McGrath
  • Nicky McWilliam
  • Muhammed Amir Munir
  • Sarah Murray
  • Simon Ng
  • Luis Osuna
  • Karni Perlman
  • Carrie Petrucci
  • Liz Richardson
  • Virginia Barber Rioja
  • Hadar Rosenberg
  • Dahlia Schilli
  • Robert Schopp
  • Evan Seamone
  • Dana Segev
  • Annemie Serlippens
  • Marjorie  Silver
  • Tania Sourdin
  • Barbara Sturgis
  • Katey Thom
  • Annette van der Merle
  • Robert L Ward
  • Naomi Weinstein
  • Amanda Wilson
  • Tania Wolff
  • Kim Wright
  • Archie Zariski
  • Carol  Zeiner
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