One of the most important functions of the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence is to support research, scholarship, and informed commentary. We will be actively seeking participation from members toward this end.

International Journal of Therapeutic Jurisprudence — Published at Arizona Summit Law School, the International Journal of Therapeutic Jurisprudence features articles, essays, and reviews on TJ-related topics. You may freely access Volume 1 (2016; pdf here), Volume 2 (2016-17; pdf here), and Volume 3 (2018; pdf here). During 2018, we will be providing updated information on how to submit work for possible publication.

Occasional Papers Series — We are developing an Occasional Papers Series that will publish short, authoritative, peer-edited commentaries on topics related to TJ. During 2018, we will provide information on how to submit work to this series.

We also refer you to the Therapeutic Jurisprudence searchable bibliography, a database that yields a wealth of authors, titles, and links to TJ-related law review and academic journal articles.

In addition, our Therapeutic Jurisprudence in the Mainstream blog offers opportunities to publish shorter commentaries.

Finally, the TJ Forum encourages members to share their work and invite discussions with fellow members of the ISTJ community.

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